September 1, 2016

Jay Breslow, Principal –Born in Bend, Oregon, Jay grew up in New Jersey and spent his formative years in Hillsboro, Oregon. He earned a doctorate in Education Studies in 2015 with a focus on teacher education, creativity and social justice. Jay strives to be a skilled facilitator, specifically in designing discussions to help schools create successful pathways for student graduation. In other words, Jay is a great guy, an eager listener, and wants to help TRCS students and staff meet their highest potential.  Say “hi” when you see him at the school.


Penny Studt, Language Arts Teacher -A teacher, a reader, a dreamer and a poet.  Studt has more than 12 years of teaching experience with equal exposure in facilitating groups in the outdoors.  Her roots were founded in Alternative Education, and her teaching habits are significantly dominated by this experience.  Her passion is education and engaging students in recreational opportunities.


John Bowden, Social Studies Teacher -Born in Southern California, but raised in Springfield, Oregon, John holds a BA in Social Science with an emphasis in History from the University of Southern California, and an MA in American History from Southern New Hampshire University. A former professional athlete, John played four seasons of college baseball and seven seasons of professional baseball with the Colorado Rockies and multiple other Independent teams. In his spare time he enjoys fly fishing, camping, and reading Cold War history.


Kristin Humphrey, Science Teacher -Bio coming soon.


Josh Livie, Special Education and Math -Bio coming soon.


Nick Buri , AmeriCorps Team Leader –Nick grew up in various states on the East Coast, and moved to Oregon before receiving his Bachelor’s in History at the University of Oregon. After working with the National Parks Service in Arizona, Nick returned to Eugene and started working with TRCS. In his free time, you could probably find him reading, running, hiking, or playing video games. Nick’s always interested in learning people’s stories, so don’t hesitate to come say hello!


Kassy Avil, AmeriCorps Team Leader -My name is Kassy Avila and I’m from Brownsville, Texas. I studied Political Science at Texas State University and plan on becoming a foreign service officer after graduate school. I love singing, basketball, football season, and dogs.


Wyatt Pace, AmeriCorps Team Leader -Bio coming soon.


Molly Gonzales , AmeriCorps Team Leader – Molly was born and raised in Denver, Colorado before she flew off to study Politics and History in Ithaca, New York. She spends her time playing games, making stuff up, cooking weird food, and experiencing as much as life has to offer. In 2016, Molly decided she needed a new adventure and found her way to Eugene. You can catch her around town talking to random people or dancing down the street (sometimes both). Tell her your jokes when you see her around school.


Dan Rousseau , Garden Coordinator – Dan was born and raised in the South Puget Sound region of western Washington where he learned to love tromping through the woods on rainy days. He then traveled across the country to western North Carolina, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Environmental Science from Warren Wilson College in the process. He has roamed all over the country, working as an environmental educator and wildlife technician in the Pacific Northwest and along the Gulf Coast and seeing the sights everywhere in between. When Dan isn’t teaching, he is still tromping through the woods on rainy days, playing music, and cooking delicious food.