Welcome to Twin Rivers Charter School

Leadership, Adventure, Academics, Service

Twin Rivers Charter School, part of Northwest Youth Corps, is a public school chartered by the Eugene 4J School District. We serve students from 8th to 12th grade who are looking to get outside of the typical classrooms, typical schools, and typical definitions of success

We Go Farther

Whether we’re camping under the stars, preparing our own farm-to-table school lunches, clearing trail from storm damage, or searching for Bigfoot, we do things differently at Twin Rivers.

If we are studying it, we want to go stand on it, feel it, smell it, experience it to its fullest. That’s how we think our students learn best.

This approach allows us to dig deeper into our academic learning and take our understanding farther than we thought possible.

By the numbers

4 weeks
spent camping each year

15 students
in an average class

1 to 6
staff to student ratio

15,000 miles
traveled in 2018-19 school year

Future Pathways

There are many ways to be a successful human being and we want to help you find yours

We offer Career Pathways in:
Outdoor Recreation
Natural Resource Management

Plus opportunities to visit colleges and universities, meet representatives of the building trades, and participate in internships and field experiences


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About TRCS

Using a cooperative, team-based format, students complete graduation requirements and participate in hands-on learning that is structured around the completion of conservation projects, field studies activities and outdoor recreation. Students rotate between outdoor field studies projects and classroom instruction. Classroom and field study educational activities are complementary and integrated. Curricula include resource management issues, conservation and environmental studies as well as science, math, language arts and social studies. The TRCS student body is typically 45-55 students. The Twin Rivers Charter School prepares youth for the workplace by emphasizing basic skills and career readiness, while providing a solid academic foundation for students interested in pursuing a college education. An innovative curriculum connects field study with math, science, language arts and social studies. Students apply what they learn, and work as members of a team to complete projects such as building trails, planting trees, restoring wetlands and streams, improving parks and completing classroom projects. TRCS earn a traditional high school diploma, requiring 24 credits, and can earn up to 8 credits per school year. Due to the daily nature of the TRCS programs, youth need to live in Lane County to participate and provide their own transportation to and from school.