September 1, 2016


Jay Breslow, Principal (he/his)- Born in Bend, Oregon, Jay grew up in New Jersey and spent his formative years in Hillsboro, Oregon. He earned a doctorate in Education Studies in 2015 with a focus on teacher education, creativity and social justice. Jay strives to be a skilled facilitator, specifically in designing discussions to help schools create successful pathways for student graduation. In other words, Jay is a great guy, an eager listener, and wants to help TRCS students and staff meet their highest potential.  Say “hi” when you see him at the school.

Penny Studt, Language Arts Teacher (she/her) – A teacher, a reader, a dreamer and a poet.  Studt has more than 15 years of teaching experience with equal exposure in facilitating groups in the outdoors.  Her roots were founded in Alternative Education, and her teaching habits are significantly dominated by this experience.  Her passion is education and engaging students in recreational opportunities.  She also loves a good pun, so hit her up with the best of your worst.

Kristin Humphrey, Science Teacher (she/her)– Born and raised in Kentucky, Kristin, her husband and three daughters moved to Eugene in 2017. Kristin holds certification in Middle School Science, High School Biology and Special Education P-12.  Her favorite past time is spending time with her family exploring the beauty of Oregon.  Kristin has been teaching since 2008 and started teaching at Twin Rivers in 2017. She enjoys working with the awesome students that attend the Twin Rivers school.
Mary Bowers, Registrar & Graduation Coach (she/her) – Originally from the bustling village of Endicott, NY, Mary graduated Ithaca College with a degree in Anthropology and minors in Writing & the Honors Program. Her fieldwork on the experiences of college students with disabilities honed her passion for breaking down institutional barriers so that everybody can thrive. She then spent a couple years working and exploring in Denver, CO before her sense of adventure and poor navigational skills brought her to Eugene. These days, playing with plants and starting optimistic DIY projects fill the time when she’s not hanging out with the best students around.
Lilly Keefe-Powers, AmeriCorps Field Coordinator (she/her) – Lilly grew up in San Francisco, earned a degree in Ecology from the University of Minnesota, and is now a very excited environmental educator. After a stint at a science museum, she was inspired to teach people things like yes, dead whales are actually ecologically important, and creatures called zombie worms rely on them, and it’s just really cool trust her. When she’s not thinking about whalefall, she can be found baking, sewing, reading, and interrogating the structures that keep marginalized groups from fully engaging with modern environmentalism. Don’t ask her about birds unless you have twenty minutes to spare.
Chey Kremer, AmeriCorps Field Coordinator (she/her) – Lover of dogs, fluent in sarcasm, Chey has multiple years in the outdoor recreation industry and is pursuing a career in it.  A graduate of Oregon State, Chey is pursuing her second year at Twin Rivers Charter School to share her experience and cultivate meaningful relationships with students.  She also, low key, likes pickleball, so make sure to challenge her to a match.

Open Positions

We are currently hiring for a short term AmeriCorps position through the end of this school year. This position will work with Twin Rivers students virtually and in a limited in-person capacity to support academics, field work, and student success.

Read the full position description here and apply here